Full Spectrum Biologics - The Science of Healthy Aging

About Full Spectrum Biologics

We do not wait for you to get sick first. We are focused on preventative technolgoies that can predict disease before it takes hold.

Full Spectrum testing considers many different types of factors, including gene testing, family history, lifestyle, medications, heart function, blood markers, etc to assist in determining your possible disease risk, and how best to prevent that disease based your own personal biological profile.You might think about Full Spectrum testing if:

1. You value a future insight into your biology.

2.You would like to understand your biological age.

3.There may be a hereditary condition that runs in your family.

4.You may have an infant that is affected by serious problems with growth, development or their health.

5.You or your partner have been exposed to toxins, chemicals, complex compounds of unknown origin

6.You are pregnant or have recently had a newborn baby to ensure there are no rare genetic conditions passed down. We can perform a reduced form of Full Spectrum diagnostics on your baby.

7.You have been exposed to drugs or radiation that could cause genetic aberrations.

8.Most genetic tests are either mouth swabs, finger prick

Knowledge: knowing and understanding your unique biology allows for a tailor-made solution for your health and longevity (pre-emptive solutions). If we determine that you are at risk of a specific condition, we can begin preventative therapies to ensure that your risk of developing that condition remains low. What are the risks of Full Spectrum testing?

The risks of not knowing your biology far outweigh the risks of doing Full Spectrum testing. If you are destined for a disease, Full Spectrum testing has a high chance of finding it before it takes hold, and our research panel will offer preventative actions you can take. Preventative action is always the preferred action. Tests are not covered by Government Departments as our partner labs are international and those departments rarely pay for predictive testing where there is no current disease. Full Spectrum testing is usually bundled and more cost efficient than purchasing multiple genetic tests independently due to our partnerships.

Many genetic testing companies only look at specific factors of the genome, however many other factors for longevity and disease need to be considered.

How long does testing take? From signing the engagement letter, testing and report generation takes approximately six months. There are usually only four appointments you will need to attend early on, we do the rest.

Full Spectrum testing is the most comprehensive way to seek out impending disease, however due to random mutations that happen after the testing, or mutations that are not seen in the samples we collect, it is always possible that something may be missed. However not looking for biological threats is the biggest risk of all. Yearly testing should also increase your chances of detection to an even higher level. Gene testing is complex, and it can be difficult to tell how a minor change inside a gene will affect each person. Some testing may be performed more than once to ensure accuracy of testing. In the exceedingly rare event that a repeat test is required, that cost is passed onto the client. 

Full Spectrum testing is not covered by Government Medical Rebates or Private Health Insurance, and this is only because this type of analysis is not yet recognized as a medical importance.